Abestos Health Effects

Abestos Health Effects

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While we have known for many years that breathing asbestos could play havoc with our health, we did not always know how serious those abestos health effects really were until perhaps the last half a century. During that period of time we have learned the severity of asbestos disease and that breathing even small amounts of asbestos has severe abestos health effects. The problem we have now in the 21st century is developing a plan that will allow medical science to diagnose mesothelioma early enough to successfully treat it and thus extend the lifespan of those suffering from abestos health effects.

Abestos Health Effects – Mesothelioma

Mesothelioma is one of the most serious abestos health effects and comes with a very poor prognosis for survival. One of the reasons this happens is because abestos health effects may not manifest any symptoms for 20-50 years, and as a result the person who is breathing asbestos will not seek treatment early enough for chemotherapy or surgery to be effective. While there is research in the making to develop earlier testing for mesothelioma, we still have a long way to go toward effective prevention and treatment of abestos health effects.

Those who are fortunate enough to avoid mesothelioma are still likely to develop other abestos health effects such as various types of respiratory problems including asthma and allergies. While these abestos health effects are less serious than mesothelioma, they can be rather annoying and sometimes debilitating when they show their ugly heads.

Abestos health effects are not limited to those who live or work directly with asbestos but can also affect those who are in direct contact with those who are exposed to asbestos. This can occur by coming into contact with the clothing of someone who works around asbestos either through contact or when laundering the clothing of someone after asbestos exposure. One way to avoid this possibility is for the family member to change clothes before entering the home—many places that deal with various carcinogens have a laundry on site so employees do not have to expose their families to those dangers. If this is not an option you may wish to protect yourself by wearing a face mask when you launder those clothes. While this will not protect you completely from the abestos health effects, you will reduce your asbestos exposure.

Abestos Health Effects – Avoidance is Key.

The only real way to avoid abestos health effects is to avoid breathing asbestos. Unfortunately for those who have already been exposed to asbestos there is little they can do except wait until they begin to succumb to the abestos health effects. For those who do not live or work near asbestos, it’s important to continue maintaining that distance in order to prevent any abestos health effects. It doesn’t take much asbestos exposure to develop mesothelioma, and you may not even realize you have it for many years when the symptoms begin appearing. You may not even realize what it is at first and will blame it on something else; by the time you are diagnosed the prognosis will be very grim. Avoidance is the only real way to avoid any abestos health effects.