vital substances and minerals

vital substances and minerals

Your body needs vitamins and vital substances, minerals daily:

Trace elements are salts and non-salts. Our body produces no minerals itself. We resume these salts from everyday foods and consume them again(sweat, urine, stool).

Why do we lack some minerals?

Shortages or profit causes:

* industrial food processing
* one-sided eating habits
* stomachs intestinal illnesses
* metabolisms illnesses
* artificial fertilizers
* acid rain
* treacly metals
* pesticides eroded grounds (monoculture)
* drugs in trace elements

Sportsmen(women), pregnant-, stress afflicted-, chronically sick people, children, youngsters at the growth age, older people and people to one which must keep a diet, should particularly look after their mineral household!

Tiny amounts of these minerals adjust, for example:

* the formation of blood
* the hormone household
* the skin function
* the sugar realization
* the heart function
* the immune system
* the blood pressure
* the cholesterol level

vitamins & vital substances

Vitamin A (Retinol)

Importantly for:
fresh skin, promotes the vision and the renewal of the cells, protection from environmental impacts and solar damages, mucous membranes, teeth, gums and hair,

raised needs with:
strong physical stress, pregnancy and breastfeeding, infection illnesses

Vitamin B1 (Thiamine)

Importantly for:
Power production of carbohydrates, heart function, healthy nervous system, spiritual fresh

Raised need with:
strong physical stress, high consumption of carbohydrates, in particular sugar, pregnancy, breastfeeding

Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) the energy syringe

Importantly for:
Muscle education by sport, Production of stress hormones (adrenalin), fat change and protein change, energy balance, cell respiration and healthy skin

raised need with:
strong physical achievement, temperature, pregnancy and breastfeeding

Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin) the age brake

Importantly for:
Formation of blood, growth, mood situation, nervous strength, spiritual freshness, energy metabolism, iron realization, skeleton, muscle work

raised need with:
high blood loss after operations

Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid the bodyguard)

Importantly for:
Defense of illnesses, cell respiration, iron utilization, stable psyche, teeth and gum''s, slimming and stay slender, pleated smoothing, protection against untimely growing old, healthy nerves

raised need with:
strong physical stress, pregnancy, breastfeeding, infections, thyroid gland over function, after surgical interventions

Vitamin D (Calciferol) the bones police

Importantly for:
bones stability and bones education, firm teeth, muscle work, nervous reassurance, adjusts the calcium-phosphorus household

raised need with:
Lack of sexual hormones (meno break), pregnancy and breastfeeding, during the growth

Vitamin E (Tocopherol)

Importantly for:
Protection of the cells and important body substances from free radicals, cancer prophylaxes, youthfulness of the cells, smooth vascular walls, functioning reproductive organs, muscle work and perseverance

raised need with:
strong physical stress, after surgical interventions

Vitamin K (Phyllochinon) the miracle healers

Importantly for:
Blood coagulation, sore healing, osseous metabolism, vitality and old age

raised need with:
Newborns, osteoporosis

Biotin (vitamin H) the beauty vitamin

Importantly for:
Skin health, hair and fingernails, mucous membranes, nervous energy, healthy intestinal flora, regulation of the blood glucose mirror

raised need with:
In Central Europe one assumes from the fact that the need is covered

Folic acid (vitamin B9) the luck bringers

Importantly for:
Nervous strength, Satisfaction and good mood, hermit monk''s innovation and growth, stomach intestinal activity, liver function, formation of blood

raised need with:
Pregnancy, breastfeeding, after operations, blood loss, nicotine consumption

Niacin (vitamin B3) the good nerves guarantor

Importantly for:
healthy nervous system, energy supply, construction and reduction of protein and fat, brain metabolism, oxygen capacity of the blood

raised need with:
Indigestion, fevers, heavy physical work

Pantothen acid (vitamin B5) the skin balm

Importantly for:
Construction of Coenzyme A, Inflammation-Prophylaxes, production of anti-stress hormones, energy balance, catabolism of fat, healthy skin and hair

raised need with:
Consume different drugs, stress

Vital substances:Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Mangan, Iron, Copper, Vanadium, Molybdenum, Nickel, Selenium, Chrome

vital substances - Sodium

day demand: 4-5g

toxic dose: 7 - 8 g daily intake for longer time lead to high blood pressure

Importantly for:
Regulation of the water household in and beyond all body cells, heart rhythm, the transference of nervous reactions and muscle contractions, circulatory stability, activation of the enzymes

raised need with:
raised physical exertion, fever, excessive sweating, vomiting, diarrhea

vital substances - Calcium

day demand: 1 g

toxic dose: not known

Importantly for:
Education and preservation of strong teeth and bones, transport of nervous impulses, support of muscle contractions, preventive against intestine cancer

raised demand with:
Growth and growing old, sleeplessness, allergies, in particular with solar delicacy

vital substances - Potassium

day demand: 2-3g

toxic dose: not known

Importantly for:
Regulation of the water household, stimulant of the nervous impulses and muscle work, heart rhythm, protein production, blood pressure lowering

raised need with:
diarrhea, vomiting, taking purgatives, sport activity

vital substances - Magnesium

Importantly for:
Construction of bone and teeth, management of nervous impulses on the muscles, Blood coagulation (Thromboses protection), immune system strengthening, adrenalin distribution with stress, oxygen care of the cells

raised demand with:
raised physical stress when pregnant and breastfeeding, migraine patients, stress, sweating in the old

vital substances - Phosphorus

Importantly for:
Construction from bones and teeth, regulation of the muscle contractions, power production in the cell, blood coagulation, nervous impulses, cerebral activity, physical perseverance

raised demand with:
Shortage phenomena with diets

vital substances - Sulphur

Importantly for:
Education of the bandage tissue, skin, fingernails, regulation of the blood glucose, decontamination of the body, bilious production

raised demand with:
the everyday demand in sulphur is not known

vital substances - Iron

day need: 10 - 15 mg (Pregnant to 60 mg)

Toxic dose: 5 g

Importantly for:
Hemoglobin education and oxygen transport, energy realization, cerebral achievement

raised need with:
Women during the period, pregnant, while breastfeeding, blood loss, strict vegetarians

vital substances - Iodine

Importantly for:
Education of the gland hormones which are responsible for growth and energy production in the cells, power production from the food

raised need with:
Germany is valid as the lack area of iodine; 3/4 of Germans have a lack of iodine. As an appurtenance of the sign gland hormones should be taken only under medical control

vital substance - Zinc

day need: 15 - 30 mg of

toxic dose: 2 g

Importantly for:
Immune system strengthening, sore healing, production of insulin, healthy skin and hair, growth and gender hormones, enzymatic expires

raised need with:
Diabetes, growth, pregnancy, breastfeeding, vegetarian, competitive athlete

vital substances - Selenium

day need: 250 - 300ug

toxic dose: 50 - 100 mg

Importantly for:
Protection of the cells and fat before oxidation together with vitamin E, cancer prophylaxes, preservation of the elasticity of the body tissue, decontamination

raised need with:
Pregnancy and lactation, with older people, smokers, cancer patients and people with weak immune system

vital substances - Copper

day need: 2 - 5 mg

toxic dose: 100 mg

Importantly for:
Colour education of the skin and hair, production of red blood cells, enzymatic metabolism expires, immune system

raised need with:
high blood losses

vital substances - Mangan

day need: 10 - 30 mg

toxic dose: not known

Importantly for:
stimulates young ant oxidative enzymes, fat realization, cartilage education, decontamination, keeps cells young,

raised needs with:
oxidative stress, high consumption of alcohol

vital substances - Chrome

day need: 100 - 200ug

toxic dose: 6-valued chrome (chrome slag, of dirtied drinking water) is cancerogen dietetically supplied chrome (3-valued) doesn’t cause any damage

Importantly for:
blood glucose, rise of the fat combustion, Cobar hydrate realization

raised need with:
pregnancy, older people, false nutrition or extreme stress situations

seems to play a role with the osseous and dental education during the growth phase. Vanadium together with highly unsaturated fatty acids can lower high cholesterol. Vanadium is in herbal oils.

daily need: 1-2mg

toxic dose: not known

cirque ream, raised uric acid, virility problems, molybdenum supports the iron metabolism

daily need: 500ug

toxic dose: not known

seems to activate certain enzymes, belongs to the essential trace substances. However, it is rather known to cause allergies (costume jewellery) and cancer.

daily demand: 500ug

toxic dose: 5 - 10 mg

is component of the vitamin B12. It is also supplied as a form from Vitamin B12. A shortage leads to special art from anemia (pernicious anemia)

day demand: 0.1 - 0.3ug

toxic dose: not known

The toxic treacly metals, Lead, Mercury, Nickel and Cadmium are fight able:

High charges of leads in the air come from car gas and factories. Lead also reaches from there in our food chain - ground, drinking water, plants, animal, to person. Lead causes damages to the legal estate and lowers the robustness. Poisoning expresses them selves by paleness, stomachs abdominal colic’s, nerves- nephritic weakness, responsiveness and intelligence can be influenced.

through pesticide in the nutrition chain introduced, but also by some factories which lead their sewage direct into sea water. Fish and shellfish store mercury. Mercury poisoning express them selves by motor restlessness (tremble), headaches, leeplessness, commemorative disturbances and balance problems.

is included in cigarettes smoke. By combustion of coal and oil, thousands tonnes of cadmium get blown in the air, yearly. Some of industrial sewage and also some fertilizers content cadmium.
Therefore cadmium and mercury is included practically in all our nutrition’s. Like all treacly metals weaken the immune system, as well does cadmium!

As we know, however, treacly metals can be straight washed out by taking certain trace substances and vitamins!

Another reason while taking high-quality nutriton supplements is recommended!

The following vitamins and vital substances wash treacly metals out of our body:




Vitamin A

Vitamin B1

Vitamin B2

Vitamin C

Vitamin E

This information gives an insight into the world of the vitamins, vital substances, minerals. However, this is no instructions for self-medication; and doesn’t substitute the conversation with your doctor or chemist of your trust.